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I can smell the food being prepared for our Pre-Thanksgiving Day Celebration now as I write. I’ve never smelled better in my whole life since I quit smoking and I have always enjoyed the holiday seasons, parties and every meal I had since I gave up my addiction to nicotine. Instead of eating fast just to light a cigarette, I now can sit comfortably to enjoy my meal.

We all know how difficult it is to quit smoking and not everyone as we know it will be able to quit successfully using the same method that other successful quitters have used. Some have been successful using the “cold turkey” method, while others like me needed an aid (like the patch and gum) to help them during their withdrawal period.

Benefits of a Forum

For this reason, me and my former smoking buddies have teamed up and created a forum to help you and other smokers increase their chances of quitting. You will find article here in this blog that will help strengthen your desire to quit and now you can join the forum so you will be able to ask questions from us or from other members to help you with your queries.

The forum not only will help you with your questions or queries, you will also meet new friends who are going through the same thing as you do. You will discover that you are not alone in this task and there are hundreds of people out there looking for ways to quit as well.

So, please find the time to visit our Quit Smoking Forum, membership is free, there is a chat room as well but only good for 5 people which we will increase if demand needs it. We respect your privacy so we suggest you could use a username that will hide your identity. Visit the Alley today – http://quitsmokingalley.com.

See you all soon at the forum everyone – Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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