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What is The Best Method to Quit Smoking


Many have said over and over again that the best method to quit smoking is “cold turkey (CT).” This method entails the smoker to give up abruptly without the use of any aid whatsoever. The quitter relies solely on his desire, belief, self-control or will power to stop his addiction. It is also well advised that creating the the proper mindset will make this method work effectively. But is this method the real thing that will help you quit?

Well obviously there are two important factors that support why this method is considered the best.

  1. It is Inexpensive or Won’t Cost You Anything

In order to be successful with CT, you need to have the proper mindset. You must change the way you think about smoking. You have to accept that smoking is bad and it is ruining your life as a whole. Doing this can easily be achieved thru affirmations and self-suggestions. Joining stop smoking forums, reading stop smoking books and other forms of literature will also help change your consciousness and wrong beliefs about smoking.

This is the reason why this method is considered the least expensive approach. And if you really are determined to quit, it will not cost you anything; a chosen few could just extinguish their final cigarette and quit. They move on with their life like nothing ever happened to them.

  1. You Quit on Your Own

By using this method, the smoker will quit on his own and will not use any quit smoking aids such as the patch or gum.  Many failures are encountered because of this, especially if one has not yet prepared himself or has not yet formed the right mental attitude to quit. So it is very important to prepare yourself first psychologically so you will be able to deal with the withdrawal symptoms of smoking easily. Many have advocated the use of this method because it is strongly believed that relapses are very minimal to happen.

Cold Turkey is Not the Best Method

But even if the quitter has built the proper mindset, many quitters whom I know (including myself) would still not be able to withstand the withdrawal stage. During my time when I was trying to quit, I could not last the day without lighting a cigarette. I tried quitting CT but to no avail; all I got was failures and frustrations.

Fortunately, my burning desire for me to quit before was so strong that no one will hamper me in achieving my goals. And at the end, I landed up using the patches and discovered that CT was not the best method after all.

The Argument

Many are claiming that CT is the best method and the only method that should be used to stop nicotine addiction successfully. As previously mentioned, experts say that this method is inexpensive and because you have to quit on your own, it will help you lessen the risk of a smoking relapse and minimize the side effects of stopping smoking. It may be true but my great question now is, “what is the use of this method if it can’t help me stop my addiction?”

At the same time there are no hard evidence that relapse are less likely to happen if you use the former method. I have known people who quit using CT but in the end find themselves smoking again after a few months. So it is but just the same no matter what method you use, relapse is something that the smoker has to take care of by changing the way he thinks about smoking.

The “Best Method” is the Method that Will Help You Quit

So what is then the best means to stop smoking? Well the best method or methods is the one that will free you from the slavery of nicotine, period. I mentioned methods because you can combine one method with the other. I used the patch in two days and quit CT along the way. Famous people (authors and celebrities) used hypnotism and after that they quit on their own. Even the famous Allen Carr who advocates only the use of CT was never successful in quitting on his own and only made it when he was “hypnotized” then he quit CT.

The IMPORTANT thing is you quit and you quit for good.

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