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Non-Smoker Kevin – I finally Did It and So Can You


This post was a comment submitted in our article The Side Effects of Quitting Smoking (source) and it was published as a regular post, many thanks for this wonderful experience Kevin.

Well, I have gone for the longest period I’ve ever gone without a cigarette (11 weeks). I’ve been a twenty a day smoker for over forty years and I was really starting to suffer with my health. Coughing was the worst, it was incessant and often woke me up; breathlessness and generally feeling nauseous too.

I will never say that I’ve stopped because that’s the time that I will think I’ve beaten it and start again. I have recently stopped coughing and all the side effects seem to be reducing and I feel much better. Every time I get the urge to smoke I remember how rough I felt before; not to mention the financial savings.

I stopped cold turkey and strangely this was during a lull when my friends and family had got fed up with asking me to stop! Interestingly, I read that if you didn’t have a cigarette within the first two weeks of stopping then 95% stop for good; I hope that works for me. Good luck to everyone out there.

Congratulations Kevin for a job “perfectly” done!

Basically it was the same with me before, each time my significant one will tell me to quit, my addiction would control me to consume more nicotine. Until finally, “maybe” she got tired of reminding me to quit and after a few months of struggle and experiments, I finally reached my goal.

Thank you for sharing this awesome experience – Hooray for another non-smoker!

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  1. This is really an inspiring article and congratulations with the fantastic record. I have been smoking for more than 20 years and I have only stopped when I was pregnant with my 4 children, but last year shortly before I turned 40 one of my good friends got lung cancer at the age of 45. It was such a wake up call and I looked at my chilren and I knew it was time to quit and so I did. I have not been smoking for 11 months and I will never go back.

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