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New Year’s Resolution – Quit Smoking Again?


Year 2013 is just around the corner. In a few more days, we will leave behind another year full of memories; happy moments and sad moments alike. To most people, New Year is just a season celebrated like any other seasons that passed within the year.  To some it is yet but another year for new challenges and improvements. While to others it is a path that leads to a new life and to a new future which will lead to new promises and resolutions for the betterment of one’s self.

For smokers, they see New Year as a sign of hope that they may attain the freedom to become non-smokers once again. On the eve of this day, thousands of smokers around the globe will make their resolution not to smoke again. They all say positive things knowing what happens when you quit smoking; they feel confident that their illnesses caused by smoking will soon go away and they start planning about the money they are going to save.

It can’t be denied that this New Year’s Resolution (to stop smoking) alone tells the truth that smoking is bad to one’s health. It clearly reflects that the habit and addiction to nicotine is detrimental, hazardous, and do not in any way give any kind of benefit to the smoker. If NOT then why would the majority of smokers around the world would want to quit on the eve of New Year?


Unfortunately, based on my experience, the experience of other smokers, and based on my observations that happened and (I think) will happen year after year – only a handful have and will succeed in quitting their addiction. The reason is quite obvious, giving up your smoking habit and addiction requires more than just promises and resolutions. Liberating yourself from nicotine addiction means changing the way you think about smoking.

The main reason why resolutions don’t succeed in my opinion is because New Year’s day is endless. It will recur every 12 months and once the excitement of your resolution is gone, you will soon light a cigarette and tell yourself you will quit the following year. The other reason obviously is lack of sincerity. It’s just another resolution and there’s no harm done in breaking it. Although like I said, there are those whose desire is so strong that they succeed in fulfilling their resolution.

So if you want to increase your chances in becoming a non-smoker this coming New Year, reinforcing your desire on this day is highly recommended. The chances of succeeding will greatly be increased if you will first accept that smoking is bad and secondly, accept that you are an addict and the way you feel when you are deprived of nicotine is just caused by your addiction. And the only way to become perfectly normal again is by freeing yourself from this slavery by fighting your way thru the withdrawal stage.

Having a strong desire to quit is the first step you have to take. Once you have a developed a desire so strong, I believe no one will ever get in your way and all the resources that you need will be granted to you. Strengthening your desire cannot be done physically but only be made thru the channels of your mind.  Using auto-suggestion or self-suggestion to stop smoking is the easiest way to do this, visualizing your end goals will help you achieve this with greater effect.

Once the eve of New Year arrives, utilize the moment to strengthen your desire and commitment. Write down assertions and positive statements and read them often (5x – 10x) a day. Visualize your end goal and picture yourself a non-smoker living a healthy life. Don’t nurture any false thoughts (or temptations) in your mind, don’t let them rule you, once you extinguish your final cigarette do your best not to light one again. And if you ever falter and fail, then stand up and quit again immediately don’t WAIT for another year to end. Quit and quit until you succeed.

Believe in yourself, if we have done it, so can you!

Happy New Year to Everyone!

Please visit our quit smoking forum for any queries or questions that you may have. It was established primarily to help you stop smoking for good.

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