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Non-Smoker John – I Quit and I am Done for Good


This very inspiring post was a comment submitted in our article What Happens When You Stop Smoking and it was published as a regular post, many thanks for this wonderful experience John.

I smoked heavily for 20 years, quit for 5 years and started back up on and off in 2012 until I smoked 1 to 2 packs per day for most of the year.  Haven’t had a cigarette in three days and I can tell you that I am done for good.

IMHO, this is mostly mental, rather than physical.  Of course, there are physical side effects, but mentally you have to focus on ALL OF THE GOOD that is happening to you the moment you have your last cigarette.

You aren’t scrambling for that cigarette, wondering when you can light up the next one, you don’t stink–and face it–you did.  Your eyes and skin are clearing up every day, you’re looking and feeling younger, you can start taking deep breaths again, and maybe you are feeling more athletic like when you were a kid before you started smoking.  Go for a walk, take a deep breath, you will start to become more energetic every day [and] more productive.

Don’t be distracted by some of the bad physical withdrawals, drive through them.  So what if you can’t sleep that great, you will.  You’re grouchiness WILL go away and you will have ten times the patience you ever had. Tell friends and family to ride it out with you or get the hell out of the way. Hang in there everyone and good luck.  Millions of others have STOPPED smoking for good and you can too.

PS – I pray and hope that you don’t, but if you have a relapse, get right back at it!!  I did and I refuse to give up.  I will not let these little sob’s beat me.  Hang in there.

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