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This is a story contributed by Cedric. Hopefully many will be inspired more to stop their addiction from nicotine by reading this great experience.

I still couldn’t believe I was able to break free from the slavery of smoking. I smoked for 19 years, I spent roughly $17K and I made myself stupid most of the time. I stink, I looked old and my teeth were the last thing you ever wanted to see. I was always coughing. I could barely go up the stairs without catching my breath. My clothes have holes and my room smelled so bad and I only discovered this after quitting for two days. Lost time is never found again my friend, so if I were you I’d start quitting immediately the soonest possible time.

Going back to my story, I felt the negative punishment of my vice after smoking for 4 years. And although I discovered my slavery, I still continued on foolishly to light up cigarettes for the next 15 years. Honestly, smoking is one sinister trap so if you hate someone so much, teach him to smoke and you’ve got the better of him. Well, just kidding, don’t ever do that and don’t ever offer cigarettes to non-smokers. Lest your guilt consume you if they become addicts like you.

Like everyone else in this blog, it really amazed me why quitting has become so difficult. Although I could quit for a day if I am forced to like if I’m traveling across the continent. But if opportunities present themselves, I would walk fearlessly in the middle of the night just to buy cigarettes. It went on for years like this until finally (THANKFULLY) my body could no longer cope up. I developed a chronic cough that is preventing me to breathe easily and my hypertension was becoming worse. I left the doctor’s clinic and told myself I’ve been warned.

So the fight began to stop my addiction. No matter what I do, I would still light a cigarette when I need a dose of nicotine. I told myself I am stronger than this and the first thing I did was to talk to ex-smokers. From there I discovered there is no easy way out and you have to pass purgatory (withdrawal stage) before you could achieve your freedom. So my next step was how to make my life easy during the withdrawal phase.

It’s so amazing how your desire will lead you to the things you will need if you so desire to succeed. I discovered this site 4 months ago and the pathway to my freedom became clear. The book by Allen Carr also helped although I don’t accept some of the author’s views. And most importantly it never occurred to me that there were nicotine products such as the patches and gum and these definitely made my way out of purgatory painlessly. I used the products for 2 days and went ahead cold turkey. The taste of nicotine gum was disgusting.

So that was my story. And if anyone is reading this post right now I beg of you to quit the soonest possible time. In my 19 years of smoking I never gained anything. Trust me, some people here have smoked longer than that and they will also share the same experience, “they never gained anything.” Start saving money and start prolonging your life – consider this advice from a TRUSTED friend – quit smoking today.

Thank you for sharing your experience Cedric and I agree with you, smoking by itself will make you a loser.

If you have any interesting story or any article geared in stopping nicotine addiction please read our submission guidelines if you want to share them, thank you.


  1. Great article, thanks for sharing. I’m a teenager and I’ve been smoking for the last 4 years. Honestly, it’s just that small temporary boost that I just want from smoking aside from that, smoking s***s.

    I guess I really need to quit and start saving money.

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