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My Personal PROs and CONs in Quitting Smoking


This inspiring post was a comment submitted in our article The Side Effects of Quitting SMoking and it was published as a regular post. Thank you Paul.

Hello everyone,

I posted [a comment] twice before [and] during initial withdrawal period, and I am now proud to say, that I have been 100 percent smoke free for over 1 year and 9 months. Will power Baby!!!   Oh how nice it is to have a smoke free car, home and workplace.  I saved over $5k in cigarette purchases.  I sure gained some weight, but with daily exercise routine its getting under control.

Here are some pros and cons of quitting smoking that I observed; (not in same order)


1.  No more Odor of a smoker

2. Pocketed Cost of Tobacco products

3. 1 less dependency to worry about

4. Food tastes, smells better

5. Thought is little different (clearer) 6. More productive at work

7. No more full ashtrays, no butts on the walked ground

8. Hotter girlfriend 9. Healthier lifestyle and better general health

10. Feeling of being powerful to do anything


1. It was cool to smoke

2. Weight gain can be substantial

3. Less breaks at work

As you can see the benefits far outweigh loses.

I would like to thank this site for being major instrument of my quitting.

Please keep up the good work.

May your quit be permanent,


Congratulations Paul and thank you for sharing this wonderful experience. Wow that $5K looks pretty useful on y our next vacation. Don’t worry as long as you keep on helping other smokers to quit you are unlikely to fall into any smoking relapse.

If you have any interesting story or any article geared in stopping nicotine addiction please read our submission guidelines if you want to share them, thank you.

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