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Beating the Nicotine Addiction Crap Inside Me


This is a story contributed by Greg.

I finally quit smoking last month (33 days to be exact) and I am here to return the favor in sharing my story and experience. Not much but hopefully, other quitters out there are also experiencing the same dilemma I went thru will be able to benefit from it. After smoking for 35 years (can you believe that) I finally found my sanity and put back my wits before that stupid addiction and vice could kill me.

A year ago, my health and body wasn’t doing well. I looked old, I stink and my teeth were all stained. Fortunately my job could afford to buy me cigarettes so money wasn’t a problem unlike with others who are really trying to squeeze in their earnings just to sustain their vice.

Although I am regretful for wasting so much money buying the filthy weed that brought me nothing but diseases and cosmetically disfigured body. Then came December, my cough was so bad that I could hardly breathe which eventually pushed me to finally accept the truth that smoking was really bad.

I started quitting early this year. Actually I started to quit during New Year’s Eve but failed and took my quitting seriously on the 15th of January. I promised myself that I will do anything just to stop smoking. I started reading the Book of Allen Carr but still, I could not quit on my own. I used the patches and gum but still to no avail.

I was able to minimize the number of cigarettes I burnt each day and this helped a lot in minimizing my chronic cough. I still wanted to quit and I can no longer find any means or ways in quitting. My friend recommended me the electronic cigarettes but I was so reluctant. I tried searching the internet until I found this article (E-Cigs are They Good or Bad? – link) which eventually led me to this website or blog.

And on the 15th of May, I tried the e-cigarette and for the first time in 35 years, I finally stopped dumping carbon monoxide inside my lungs. I was able not to light a single cigarette on the first day I tried this e-cig. What a relief I thought, soon I was more energetic and sooner than I thought my lungs have cleansed itself of all the gunk I have deposited all those years. And finally on 13th of June, I finally quit the e-cig itself and went cold turkey.

Many were asking why I quit the e-cig. Well for starters the negative psychological factors are still there. Irritability, can’t focus or concentrate once the desire kicks in and you will still have the same panic attacks when you forget your e-cig or when you are running out of cartridges. Although the feelings are not that much serious to worry about compared to the real one. But then again, I only used the e-cig to quit and not as a substitute and I don’t want to find myself lighting the real one once again.

Beating one’s nicotine addiction is not an easy task. You will need to assert to yourself and admit that smoking is bad – period. And if you really want to succeed you need to strengthen your desire; make that desire to push you in achieving your goals. Like a hungry and starving lion which will prey on anyone that it will see.

Wonderful story Greg! Yes, I don’t have anything to say against E-Cigs as long as you will quit your nicotine addiction for good. It’s my pleasure and honor that this site helped you to give up smoking.

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