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I Have to Quit Smoking So Life Would Be Awesome Once Again


Hello everyone! This is a story contributed by Diana and honestly, it is an awesome story. Please take the time to read to help you reach what you you have long sought for.

I love the novel Moby Dick so let’s start this post by calling myself Diana. I started smoking when I was 20. Late bloomer I guess but I was able to catch up later on by burning 2 packs a day. After smoking for five years, I was good, I felt healthy I was working out regularly but as the years went by, my vigor gradually started to decrease. ┬áBy the age of 35, I felt like an old woman. I could hardly climb the stairs and a nasty cough had started; getting worse as each day passed by. Upon reaching my 38th birthday a few months ago my health was seriously pushing me to give up smoking and told my self I have to quit smoking.

Over the years of smoking, I thought I was cool but in reality smoking was giving havoc to all aspects of my life. People were trying to avoid me because I stink so much (what do you expect from smoking 2 packs a day), my teeth were all stained, I get upset easily and my health was getting no better. No wonder why, despite after attaining all the wonderful things in life, I am still single parent mom.

When I finally decided to quit, it was then I realized that giving up smoking was next to impossible. I don’t know where or how to start. I just couldn’t control myself lighting up a cigarette even when I could hardly breathe because of my severe cough. Fortunately I found this blog while surfing the Internet one night and everything changed my perception about smoking and about quitting smoking.

i have to quit smoking

After talking to Rudy, I told myself I could not quit cold turkey so following his advice I started using the patches. I couldn’t believe my smoking went down from 40 sticks to 5 a day. I really felt sick if I light a cigarette while using the patches. Maybe the dose of nicotine is too high for my body to handle and with this reason that my chances to attain my freedom increase considerably.

As days passed I could now read the news without lighting a cigarette and I could enjoy my cup of coffee controlling the slight urge of lighting a tobacco. Little by little the associations to my daily activities with smoking was slowly breaking up. For me that was a miracle; something I have never ever dreamed that would happen. And after a few weeks, I stopped the patches and soon quit cold turkey.

The method of self-suggestion also helped a lot. It increased my desire and determination considerably. Trust me to all who would be ex-smokers reading this, use auto-suggestion / self suggestion; it works as it will condition your mind to accept the truth that smoking is not good for you. And it will remind you your solemn promise each time you will feel the urge to light. Read this article (auto-suggestion to quit smoking) write some positive affirmations and read and carry it with you at all times.

I am fortunate that I make my living online giving me financial freedom (just enough to pay the mortgage), contentment and happiness in doing what I really want. I am an Internet Entrepreneur and the general rule in life if you want to succeed is for you to take action immediately! How many books were written out there promising you to get rich? Hundreds of them I might say yet you only need one quality book to be financially stable. Yet human nature will fool you to buy dozens of these books to read yet in the end you will attain nothing because of distraction and because you take no action.

I am a self made person. I control my life, I have a strong conviction and strong will. Yet only my addiction and habit to nicotine made me prove wrong and is one of my greatest failure. What we believe sculptures on who we are right now. And by accepting the truth that smoking is bad is the first step that you should take. Once you replace the lies planted by your addiction your life as a smoker will change. Soon you will aspire to attain your freedom and sooner than you think you will feel bad and you will feel the guilt once you light a cigarette.

You don’t need to read a dozen quit smoking books, the book of Allen Carr and this blog alone will help you quit smoking. Buying or reading so many references will only distract you rather than helping you in acquiring the help that you need to reach your goal. You need to act on impulse and desire and your desire alone is one great motivation to fuel your efforts to reach success.

I am not a good writer as I outsource all my needs elsewhere and I am so much grateful for Rudy in helping me to write this post. I always keep in mind a Chinese proverb that has guided my life “If you want to see yourself one year from now then take a look at yourself one year ago [and if you will take no action everything will remain the same].” Trust me you will be the same one year from now (make it 5 years or 10 years) if you will not do something.

Everything will remain the same if you will not do anything to change your life. Whether you want to become famous ,successful or become rich or whether you want to quit smoking, you need to act now! I challenge you, after reading this article, go in front of a mirror and ask yourself “Do I want to stay like this forever?” You alone can answer that question my friend ~ but if I were you, please stand up and quit smoking the soonest possible time.

And if you are having troubles quitting smoking ~ subscribe to this blog and just press the contact tab above, reach us and we will be here and there to help you. To your success in becoming the new non-smoker and discover how awesome to be a non-smoker once again ~ thank you.

Wonderful story Diana ~ thank you so much for sharing it.

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