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How a Nicotine Vaporizer Helped Me Quit Smoking


Rudy here, this is a story contributed by Marcelino. Please take note that we do not advocate alternative ways to continue your nicotine addiction like using the nicotine vaporizer or electronic cigarette. Our main goal is to stop smoking and addiction to nicotine permanently.

A year ago, my doctor finally advised me to “quit smoking or else, your tumors in your lungs might become worse.” Those words came right straight to me and it sank deep enough in my mind to pursue my freedom from nicotine addiction. I was coughing severely and I could hardly breathe at night and even though confronted with this health problem I continued on smoking.

I finally accepted my fate. I was totally addicted to nicotine, I was finishing almost two packs a day and all of these were contributing to the fast deterioration of my body. I really cursed the day that I lit up that one cigarette when I was in High School. Not knowing that the temporary boost I will get from nicotine is not worth it especially now that I am just waiting for my lungs to collapse. So when I finally left the doctor’s office, I told myself I need to do something to give up smoking. I tried almost every method I know that will help me stop but those methods weren’t good enough. The Nicotine patches and gum also did not work although I was able to minimize the number of cigarettes I consume for one day. Still, my cough did not improve at all until one day I noticed one spammy email offering these nicotine vaporizers.

Do Everything You Can to Quit Smoking

An idea came to me; why not use this nicotine vaporizer or what they commonly call ecigarette while trying to quit my addiction to nicotine? Well, I went to the nearest store where this stuff was sold and bought one. The vaporizer suppressed my desire to light a cigarette considerably and finally after one week, I was only using the vaporizer and my cough improved a whole lot better. That was in March 2013.

In the middle of August 2013 I finally quit the vaporizer itself as I might be tempted to light the real one again if I run out of those cartridges unprepared. Vaporizer are more expensive than usual tobacco cigarettes in the long run. But they are at least a little bit safe in my opinion and based on my experience; my cough healed while I was pampering my nicotine addiction. And after several months now as I write this article, I am completely in control of myself.  I guess, quitting smoking is a war between you and yourself and the ending will depend on how you want it to be.

Waiting for the right method that will help you quit is futile and foolish if you keep on damaging your body by continuously lighting those tobacco cigarettes. When I was almost dying because my lungs were filled with tar and other carcinogens, I told myself I would do everything to stop. So no matter how reluctant I was in trying those vaporizers, I went ahead and tried it and I do not regret doing so.

If you are one of the handfuls who could not quit tobacco cigarettes and are already suffering from diseases, you have the choice in using Nicotine Replacement Therapy products (note: nicotine vaporizers are not FDA approved as NRT product) particularly the patches and gum. The important thing is for you to save your body from permanent damages and try to figure out the quitting later on.

Wonderful story Marcelino – thank you for sharing an awesome experience.. For our friends out there trying to quit, commit yourself today and stop your addiction for good.

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