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Traits I Developed Which Helped Me Quit Smoking


This is a story contributed by David.

I discovered this site thru this funny article Amazing Facts You Should Know About Smokers  and it is a very funny post (read it if you haven’t done so). Oh well it came to me after discovering this blog, why not share my funny story and hopefully to anyone who would read it might help them in quitting their addiction to nicotine.

The Day I Committed Myself to Become a Smoker

I smoked for almost 25 years (roughly), my memory can no longer remember the exact date when I first lit my first disgusting cigarette. Disgusting I say because the foremost feeling I got wasn’t funny. It was absolutely horrible; I got dizzy, I felt sick and very nauseous although I felt a certain boost that made me feel relaxed yet active. Quite contradictory (relaxed but at the same time active) but scientifically the only chemical that can do that to our brain is nicotine.

Smoking Gave Me a Strong Determination

Going back, lighting the second stick of cigarette made everything tolerable yet unknowingly it would soon bind me to a life (for almost 25 years) of misery, poverty and slavery. After the second stick, soon it became part of my life and even though I really can’t find any benefit from doing it aside from the contradictory boost it gave. It always gave me the strength to shell out hard earned money just to buy them. I’m the frugal type of person but I really could not control myself from buying them. You have to be a determined person in order to become a successful smoker. So it really gave me the courage and determination needed to spend and waste my money on something that later on I would regret it completely.

It Made Me Become a Persistent Person

It would take great amount of courage for you to keep on lighting cigarettes even when you are sick or suffering from a chronic cough or the most terrible disease brought forth by smoking. As I said earlier, my body was poisoned the first time I lit my first cigarette. Yet even with the horrible damnation I felt, for no good reason at all I forced myself to light the second one. Looking back, I do realize now that smoking made me a persistent person. Just try to imagine choking yourself and delivering all those poisonous substance inside my body and wasting my heard earned money just to satisfy my need for nicotine. So in short, my wallet, body and I persisted all those sufferings for 25 years.

Smoking Taught Me to Use My Money Wisely

I am the frugal type of person. A simple employee who is trying to make both ends meet and since I was smoking a pack a day I was spending an average of $4.50 a day. It’s a small amount to consider but if you will sum it up by the end of the month (or by the end of the year) the amount becomes staggering. So smoking really taught me to budget my earnings wisely. I have to sacrifice other luxuries in life just to satisfy my addiction to nicotine. For 25 years I did that, sigh, so sad but that’s the cost of being a smoker.

Using the Traits I Learned and Developed to Stop Smoking

After 25 years of smoking and after succumbing to a chronic cough I finally told myself I must stop my addiction to nicotine. I hated myself looking the way I look in front of the mirror. How could I be so stupid to allow such thing to happen. I could have saved a lot of money and used it into something productive. So I committed myself to stop completely.

Quitting wasn’t easy of course. So if you need to commit yourself to become a smoker, you also need the same commitment to stop your addiction.  I tried all sorts of methods and read all the books I can get about quitting but still the cravings and urge won’t stop. But with sheer determination and persistence on the 12th of September I finally lit my final cigarette. The patch helped me a lot in achieving my goal. I started computing the amount of money I will save and the amount I got further motivated me to completely forget smoking and to move on leaving the past behind.

Life Became Awesome When I Became a Non-Smoker

What seems like an impossible thing to happen became a reality. I never dreamed of quitting that disgusting habit and addiction. I was the happiest man alive on the day I finally stop lighting a cigarette. Although the struggles I fought for the first three days was very unbearable. To be honest, I almost gave up quitting on the third day but thanks to the traits I learned I never let go.

Currently, I now have travelled once in a nearby state using only the money I saved from smoking. I don’t feel lethargic anymore, I am more active and I also started running. Life has never been so awesome. I got to know more of my office mates because I no longer stink which made me an approachable being. But before, people would try to avoid me because I smelled so bad.

I could write more about these wonderful transformations but I want you to discover and experience it yourself. So if you are wanting to become a non-smoker, I tell you the effort in quitting smoking is definitely worth it. Don’t be worried about side effects of quitting and don’t be fooled by that disgusting cigarette. It’s not the end of the world when you quit in fact it would be the beginning of something what we call a wonderful moment in time.

I would like to thank Rudy (owner of this blog) and for the people who visited and left their encouraging comments and stories. Good luck everyone!

Thank you David!

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