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One Sad Story, One Relapse and a Hope to Succeed and Become a Blissful Non-Smoker


I met one of my old friends yesterday. The last time we met was 2 years ago and he finally quit smoking then after being a nicotine junkie for 25 years.

Unfortunately, when I saw him again, he was smoking one pack a day.

He looked older than his age, the skin on his face sags and his teeth were all stained.

So I asked him, “what happened, why did you start smoking again?”

“Well, tragic losses happened in the family,” he said, “my father died and one of my siblings passed away because of cancer.”

“You know better than that, those situations should not tempt you to light a cigarette.” I replied.

“Maybe I missed the boost,” he said almost whispering, which of course I would not believe. I don’t want to be tough in him so I immediately changed the topic.

After hanging out with him for a couple of drinks, I finally realized he lost contact with people who would help him avoid the relapse. We didn’t talk for 2 years and all his companions were smokers. This definitely will pull him back to square one.

After a few bottles of beer we bade each other goodbye and I told him I’ll wait for his call in case he needed anything. He apologized for the relapse and told me he will try to quit the soonest.

“Don’t try,” I said to him, “just do it and please stay connected.” And he left highly motivated, “I will,” he shouted back.

I too had a relapse, not once but twice. I admit, the boost you get from nicotine will make you feel euphoric, especially if you’re addiction still exists psychologically.  But that boost is false. It will ruin your entire life, not abruptly but gradually; little by little, your money, self-respect and health.

That boost caters only to the needs of an addict but once you have overcome your addiction both physically and psychologically, that boost becomes a poison.

Try to remember the first stick of cigarette you ever smoked, it didn’t give you any boost but rather, it only made you sick and dizzy. But by consistently inhaling that poisonous smoke, our body became used to it and became addicted to nicotine and that is when the time we felt the boost.

It’s also a sad fact that we can’t EASILY convince a smoker to quit. The motivation must come from within. This usually arises from his deteriorating health, worsening financial condition or from the influence of other people specially his or her loved ones.

But, if the smoker feels he’s in good health, his budget is in good position and no one is bothering him to quit, I assure you he will make the cigarette manufacturers filthy rich until such time thoughts of diseases will come haunting him.

But the good news is you don’t have to wait for that event to come. Just think about the positive things that quitting will do for you and this is more than enough to start convincing yourself that you should quit the soonest.

If you haven’t been serious with your health and the money you are spending, I guess now is the time for you to analyze things. Spending 1K a year for cigarettes is no joke.

Instead why not use that money to help you quit. Forget about the false boost, I know it’s going to be difficult because I’ve been where you are right now. But by facing the reality and accepting the truth that you are an addict, the truth will start to emerge that you don’t need that substance in your life.

I will never forget what my wife told me before and it was the perfect idea or seed that matured in my mind that later on strengthened my motivation to quit, “…hope you could quit smoking soon,” she said sweetly (not nagging), “I know it’s difficult quitting but I also know that you are a strong person who can successfully quit if you want to,” then she gave me a kiss, and those words penetrated my subconscious mind without any obstacles.

I know it’s difficult to quit smoking. But you should know that quitting is a process. You are now reading this blog post because your strong desire has lead you to this blog.

Keeping focused on what you want will attract you the things that you will need to attain your goal. And once you get the gut feeling that something is going right go for it.

I believe in you and I know you are stronger than the person whom you think you are. You are a strong person and with this I know if you will use your hidden potential and use your inner strength, you will achieve your goal.

Lastly, don’t forget you have a friend here who is more than willing to help if you will ask.

To your quitting success!

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