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If I Could Turn Back Time Then I Would Never Become a Smoker But Then Again…


If I could turn back time and go back to my younger self a few minutes before I lit my first cigarette then I could have prevented myself from becoming a nicotine junkie.

I’ll try to save the money I would spend for the next 22 years, invest it maybe and withdraw the amount.

Buddha only knows how much it will turn out if I was investing it 5% compounded annually.

I will also save the money I spent to buy candies, chewing gum, mouthwash, cologne and perfume.

And let’s not forget my expenses in going to my local dentist.

If I am going to analyze now and include all the expenses in maintaining this vice; geez smoking is a very expensive vice.

What about the psychological effects; sleepless nights, worries that you may have lung cancer, anxiety, fear, anger, extreme mood swings (when you can’t smoke), stress and lack of focus and concentration.

Heaven knows what those emotional maladies might have done to my health but I will prevent them from happening as well.

Medical experts say that you lose a certain amount of time from your life each time you light a cigarette.

If this is true then preventing myself from becoming a smoker will add a year or 2 or 3 to my normal life span.

Playing with these thought makes me remember when I was young. I would dream becoming a pilot, a cowboy, a batman or a superman.

I also dreamt of becoming a knight, saving damsels or a magician like the famous Merlin fighting dragons and demons.

It’s not bad at times to dwell into these thoughts. Everything started from imagination, then you work out to make the things which are believable and you turn them into reality.

It was not until I become a smoker that one of my dreams was to become a non-smoker; a life I abandoned in exchange for addiction.

And it took me 22 years.

Yes, 22 years before I made that dream come true.

But then again…

I am grateful I didn’t get sick and I am most grateful no permanent damages happened to my body.

Although I regret wasting those precious times smoking and spending money on worthless endeavors I am still grateful in one way or the other because I was given the chance to quit smoking.

You know why?

Since time machines don’t exist, I can’t go back to fix my past, I might as well make the most of what is about to happen in my life and be grateful for the positive things that life has been bestowed upon me.

We must learn to accept the things which we cannot change and develop the courage to change the things that we still can.

Successful ex-smokers are a especial group of people. They are an elite group who are highly trained to persist, be patient, be creative and to fight until they win and achieve their goal.

And I mastered these important values because I was given the opportunity to quit smoking.

And once you become a successful ex-smoker, you can use the skills and training you have undergone during the withdrawal stage.

Use it in other aspects of your life and become a more successful person.

So forget about time machines, damsels and dragons. Start training yourself, start quitting and start preventing the bad things that are yet to happen in your life.

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