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Another New Year’s Resolution of Quitting Smoking 2011


Another year is about to end and I’m pretty sure almost all smokers out there who have come to their sense are preparing to make their New Year’s resolution of quitting smoking. Some may be first timers while other may have been doing this for the past years that have gone by. I smoked for 22 years and within that period I made 18 New Year’s resolutions never to smoke again. And you could just imagine it took me 4 years before I finally came to my senses and realized that smoking is doing bad things to my body and mind.

The reason I failed to quit is that I cannot accept life will be much better without nicotine. My mind was totally brainwashed that it kept on telling me that I need those filthy cigarettes to live my life normally. I was so blinded so I kept on smoking even if I was coughing all the time. I kept on buying those filthy cigarettes even if I have to borrow or beg for money and I kept on buying them even if I have to walk a mile away to the nearest store in the middle of the night. My friend, that is how my smoking vice, habit and addiction was making a fool out of me before. Smoking makes you really stupid.

I am not writing this post today to tell you that New Year’s resolution of stopping smoking doesn’t work. It’s good that in your mind you have the desire to quit smoking. Everything starts with a desire but how you would make that desire a strong one or become an obsession is where you should be focusing your energies. You must first deal with the false beliefs that are in your mind, once you have done this, dealing with the habit and physical addiction becomes easy. So if you want to quit smoking on New Year’s Eve, do it because you have to, don’t look back or don’t look forward to another New Year, stop and quit smoking for good.

The Secret in Quitting Smoking

If you want to stop smoking easily, well the secret in quitting smoking is first you have to accept that smoking is bad. You have to accept the truth that smoking is not making you relaxed and comfortable. It is not true that smoking is making you more focused and concentrated. It is not true that it is relieving your stress and boredom. It is your nicotine addiction that is making you feel bad and it is nicotine that is adding further stress in your life by making you suffer from withdrawal symptoms. If you could internalize that you are a non-smoker once more, you wouldn’t be feeling those panic attacks when you are running out of cigarettes and you wouldn’t need nicotine to live your life normally.

Of those 18 New Year’s stop smoking resolutions I made, I never succeeded in quitting smoking. Probably because making a resolution at the end of the year has become an ordinary thing to do and the seriousness of what I was doing was not really in my heart. Although I know many smokers who have successfully fulfilled their New Year’s resolution and up to now they are living the life of happy non-smokers.

So if you will decide a few days from now on New Year’s Eve to quit smoking, let me be the one to congratulate you first – CONGRATULATIONS! You are now a non-smoker. Remove the fears and doubts, remember, non-smokers do not need nicotine to live normally. They are not addicts and the thing that is making you feel the way that you do each time you feel the urge to smoke is nicotine itself. So remove nicotine out from your body. If you have properly removed the brainwashing in your mind; you only have to hold on usually for 2 – 4 weeks before you start feeling normally like a non-smoker. Keep in mind that once you extinguish your final cigarette, you already become a non-smoker.

Believe in yourself, believe it can be done, and believe that you can stop smoking!

Happy New Year to All!


  1. i was smoking for 16 years, and then as a 2011 new year resolution i decided not to smoke. its been not many days that i have quit but i am sure i am not going to smoke any more. it is very diffcult but not impossible, this blog is very useful and motivating. i am facing problems with my mood swings and deperession. but it is worth taking this step, rather to risk your life for nothing.

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