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5 Life Changing Rewards I Received Because I Quit Smoking and You Can Have Them Too


Are you sick and tired of quitting yet you cannot stop smoking?

To be honest, I’ve been in that same kind of scenario where you are right now. I’ve been on the same shoes so don’t despair.

I will not boast like the other quitters who have come before me claiming that quitting was easy.


Because the truth is – it is not that easy.

Your current motivation is not just strong enough but you will soon become a non-smoker if you persist and cultivate a strong desire to quit.

So today I will share with you some wonderful rewards that was rewarded upon me for being a good boy.


I quit smoking.

Hopefully by sharing them to you, you’ll be able to add more reasons why you need to quit your own addiction. I believe it will strengthen your motivation in the long run.

I smoked for 24 years and you could just imagine the hardship I have to endure before I attained my freedom from this miserable addiction.

For 24 years I inhaled that poisonous smoke because I was a nicotine addict. May my physical body forgive me for what I have done and hopefully it will still recover and make my remaining years on this life fruitful.

My process of quitting was quite dramatic. By being persistent after a few months of struggle I got free myself from the chains and shackles of smoking.

Read this life changing article and I believe you would acquire the same rewards that were given to me as soon as you quit.

Reward #1 – I Performed Better in Bed

In general my stamina and endurance was rewarded back to me. But it is in bed whose positive effects I appreciate the most.

Believe it or not, the missing stamina I have longed for in my whole entire life came back right after I quit.

This stamina was tested in a way that such performance was greatly applauded by the wife.

She was so amazed the way I performed only after a week of quitting.

Had I quit earlier in life, I could have appreciated this awesome performance a lot sooner.

Not only in bed, I could run our stairs up and down without catching my breathe.

I wasn’t wheezing anymore even if I walked briskly for a mile.

After quitting for a month I started running. Honestly running is addictive but a positive one. I have felt a better boost and has always been in a state of euphoria after a long run.

Reward#2 – I Got Myself a Guaranteed Annual Savings of $2,000.00

Funny but I was able to buy myself an iPad Mini 3 months after quitting.

I was a one pack a day smoker. Each pack costs $3.50 so if my math is correct, I told myself I will be saving $1,260.00 a year.

But the savings did not stop there. There was a whole lot more.

The additional expenses to buy gum, candies, mouth wash, cologne, etc., all expenses to maintain my vice and to keep the bad smell at bay all went into my piggy bank.

I hate my teeth when they are full of stains brought by the tar of smoke I was inhaling. So my frequent visit to the dentist also will be lessened decreasing my dental expense.

Adding all these upkeep expenses and soon you will find yourself saving a lot of money. So for me, a guaranteed $2,000.00 to spend each year.

Reward #3 – The Society Accepted Me Once Again

I will never forget how the people around me would cover their noses or look at the other way whenever I talk to them.

It’s a sign of rudeness I know but they all have the right to do that. Who am I to complain who stinks and smells like a pile of burnt shit.

The same thing happens all the time whenever I ride the elevator, ride the bus or enter small public establishments. People will step away from you. For 24 years I lived in world of people wearing invisible surgical masks.

I tried to keep the stink at bay by wearing cologne or mild perfume. With bad breathe I chewed gum and all of these add up to my expenses as a smoker. This is especially true whenever I have a meeting, talk to my boss or to my staff. I tried my best to smell good and blend with normal people as much as I can.

I guess the only people who would treat me like a normal person are those people like me who also smoke. But honestly, even I myself hated the way I smell when I was still smoking.

Up to now I really don’t know how my wife was able to withstood my bad smell all those years that passed.

I don’t have the courage to ask her that now, but I am thankful for her patience and I do really appreciate her for accepting and loving me.

Reward #4 – My Worst Nightmares and Fears Left Me

After 4 years of smoking. I Started wheezing and coughing. I could hardly breathe if I do something strenuous.

Chest pains began to emerge and fear of having a lung cancer started.

Year after year, each time I have to undergo my physical check up a day before was the most stressful moment in my life.

If only I could create an alibi and not attend our physical exam I would gladly do so.

After that, while waiting for the results of my chest X-ray, I would have the worst nightmares ever. I could see and hear the doctor vividly in my dreams describing some tumors growing inside my lungs.

Fortunately, the results of the X-ray never showed any signs of disease.

Having a cough or cold is another experience I tried to avoid at all cost. One time I had the worst cough of my life that every now and then I was checking my phlegm for any signs of blood.

Peace of mind is priceless and you could just imagine how happy I was when I stopped smoking. On the first night I quit, I slept like a baby.

Hopefully none you are having these kinds of bad nightmares and hopefully you are not crying like a baby during your sleep.

Best Reward #5 – Everything in My Life Went Back to Normal

Go over these 7 questions and contemplate if the person doing this is normal or not.

Is it normal for a person to burn a wrapped tobacco leaves and inhale the smoke?

Is it normal for a person to get addicted to nicotine?

Is it normal for a person to collect cigarette butts in order to wrap a new stick of cigarette?

Is it normal for a person to walk a mile away just to buy cigarettes at the middle of the night?

Is it normal for a person to borrow money in order to buy cigarettes?

Is it normal for a person to drive back 5 miles just because he forgot to bring his lighter?

Is it normal for a person to look for coins inside the closet, inside the pockets of used clothing, under the table or inside the drawer of his office because his cash is short of a dollar to buy a pack of cigarette?

These are just a few questions that will distinguish which is normal and which is not. I will admit that I wasn’t living a normal life when I was smoking.

Yes you may say I am a funny guy but I experienced all those funny things in question within the span of 24 years.

There was a time where I almost gave up quitting. I thought I would die at a very young age because of cancer or other smoking related disease.

Fortunately I never gave up. I continued to wage the war against my own self and after a few months, I was able to conquer my own addiction.

Then after a week of quitting I received my rewards and became a normal person once again


I am thankful I found this blog and right now I am proud to say I am once again a non-smoker. I could spend the whole day once again without the thoughts of lighting a cigarette.

Temptations come every once and a while but if you are always conscious and aware of your past mistakes, you will never again light a cigarette.

Now it’s your turn to receive these amazing and fabulous rewards. Trust me, quitting is worth every penny.

I know it’s difficult at first but once you break the 4th day without smoking, everything becomes tolerable.

Don’t you want to be free from panic attacks? Don’t you want to free yourself from worries like worrying if you left behind your lighter or worrying that you may not have ample cigarettes to keep you company at night?

The world of smokers is getting smaller. The smoking fad has long been gone and society has accepted that smoking is a thing of the past. Almost all the hot shot people who were promoting it have died of lung cancer or other related diseases.

So start your quitting as soon as possible and be happy with your life like the way I enjoy it right now and like the way normal people enjoy their lives.

Keep in mind that your greatest adversary is time. Good luck my friend.

Try to quit the soonest you can.

Be vigilant.

Don’t be scared.

Go through the withdrawal period and when you come out on the other side your wonderful rewards will be waiting for you!

This is a guest post from Rodolfo Urbano.

The author is a CPA by profession and spends his leisure time reading and blogging. He shares his positive experiences thru his site cashintheblog.com.

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