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Why You Should Not Use the E-Cigarette When You are Quitting Smoking


These so called Electronic Cigarettes (or commonly called e-cigarettes) are gaining so much popularity that I’ve heard stories about smokers claiming to have quit smoking using these gadgets. A lot of people have asked me if these e-cigarettes will help smokers quit. Will it work for smokers who want to quit or would it just make them continue their dependence on nicotine?

One of my guest posters who used a nicotine vaporizer (another term for e-cigarette) successfully ended his addiction. Find out the real reason behind the success of people who quit using these e-cigarettes. And discover the various reasons why, as much as possible, you should not use this gadget to quit your addiction.

In some forums I’ve come across, I’ve seen members (using banners) bragging they have stopped smoking the tobacco cigarettes. They now instead have switched using the e-cigarettes. They claim it’s a healthier (nicotine addiction) option and it’s less expensive. I find it amusing how they claim to have quit and how much money they are saving.

Unknown to many nicotine addicts they are not actually saving any money, rather they just shifted their expense from a tobacco cigarette to an e-cigarette. And trust me, the cost of e-liquid, batteries, chargers, atomizers and their maintenance and upkeep, it’s very costly.

So a question now arise: Will the e-cigarette Help Me Quit Smoking?

Before we proceed further let’s first clarify a part of the question stated above. When you say “help me quit smoking” it means quitting your addiction to nicotine. It means you will use the e-cigarette like a Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) product to help quit your addiction permanently. But if you are going to replace your tobacco cigarette with these e-cigarettes, then you have not quit anything and you have been no better than the nicotine addict that you were.

We may have the liberty to say that e-cigarettes can also be considered an NRT product. Unfortunately they are not approved nor classified as such (NRT products). These e-cigarettes were not made nor designed for you to quit, these gadgets were made to replace your analog cigarettes (tobacco) and to continue your addiction to nicotine. Therefore this is just one of the many reasons why they are not considered NRT.

E-cigarettes were designed and made to be just like smoking the real tobacco cigarette. But this time, without the smoke, it means you can use it anywhere and everywhere as long as it is allowed and no one complains about it.

This literally means that your consumption of nicotine will also increase thus the more you will be addicted and the more expensive it’s going to be. As the usage of electronic devices increases, their life span will eventually shorten and as a result you will need to buy more replacements parts.

As much as possible I don’t recommend using the e-cigarette to help you quit. If you are like me who really can’t quit cold turkey, you may be better off using the patch or gum. I’m not saying that the e-cigarette is not an option, what I’m trying to say is it must be your final option or choice and if you could quit using other methods then do it.

I knew two people personally who were successful using the e-cigarette to quit smoking. As mentioned earlier, the first one is our guest poster (Mr. Marcelino) and the other one is my co-worker, let’s call him Bruce. Both of them were heavy smokers but their desire to quit was exponential. They have tried and tested almost every method they could find yet quitting was next to impossible to them.

These two successful quitters were already desperate and will do anything just for them to quit. And when they tried the e-cigarette, they were able to to quit successfully. Their sole purpose in using the e-cigarette was to quit and not to replace their addiction.

In the case above, the e-cigarette was only a medium to break the habit and association of activities that would trigger them to light a cigarette. Although the e-cigarette was meant to be a replacement for the tobacco cigarette, still it doesn’t thoroughly duplicate a real cigarette. Primarily, smokers who successfully quit have a strong desire which ultimately helped them to become non-smokers once again. And it was their quest to get back their freedom that paved way in order to reach their goals.

The success or failure of a smoker to quit will rely entirely upon the strength of his desire. If your desire to quit is weak, then using the e-cigarette to quit smoking will ultimately result in failure. And if bad things happen like your battery dies unexpectedly, you run out of e-liquid, your charger malfunctioned or you just simply lost your e-cigarette. You have no other option but to smoke the tobacco cigarettes again especially if there are no stores near you selling those items.

So to answer the question “Will the e-cigarette Help Me Quit Smoking?” All types of quit smoking aid, products, books, ebooks and other ways (even the weird ones like acupuncture) including the e-cigarette (let’s not forget) can help you quit smoking. So the answer is yes. Now don’t say “aaahhhh okay.”

Come to think of it,  even your pet cat can help you quit smoking – my point is it’s not the things around you that will quit for you. You and you alone will quit for yourself. You just need that little push to start the process of quitting and to make life easy during the withdrawal stage.

If you really are dead serious and would want to quit smoking, do your best to strengthen your desire. Keep focusing on your goal to become a non-smoker. Make it an obsession. Wishing and wanting are two different things. Don’t be distracted and take action the soonest possible time.

Waiting for the right time or waiting for another day will not make you a quitter, choose a quit date and make every effort to extinguish your final cigarette when that day comes. If you can do it the first time then good for you. But if not, don’t be afraid of failure, if you failed the first time then stand up re-asses everything then quit again, keep on doing it until you succeed.


  1. Great article, I’ve always been skeptic in using these e-cigarettes. I smoke the tobacco cigarette and I know that the smoke that comes out from it is a smoke from a burning leaves of tobacco. Unlike these e-cigarettes there are no medical findings as to what would be the effect of the vapor to our body and I’m not going to use them.

    I’ve chosen a quit date and hopefully I’ll be the next non-smoker…. wish me luck!

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